Interior decorative wall with many shelves lined with wine bottles

Private Functions

You may reserve the entire restaurant for a private celebration or business luncheon any day of the week. We will close for 2 hours between Lunch and Dinner with NO ROOM FEE! Minimum of 75 guests. Tomato Cafe serves beer and wine. Seating up to 125 guests.

Long food bar lined with pizzas and various other meal options

Fundraiser Dinners

Tomato Cafe is the perfect place to host a Fundraiser Dinner. Just email Kurt at He will provide you with all the info to schedule a Fundraiser for your school, team, church, club or fight against a disease. Tomato Cafe will donate 15% of its proceeds from the Fundraiser event.

Romantic Dinners


Spacious Dining

Spacious dining area

Vegetarian Friendly

Salad options at the food bar

All You Can Eat

Multiple pizzas